Terms and ConditionsThese rules constitute an agreement between the Online Casino (ORFELIN LIMITED) and the User. Registration and gambling at the Casino implies the fact that the User applies these rules, as well as game rules and other provisions. Note! To register at the Casino, the user must be at least 18 years old. Persons who have not attained the age of eighteen are not allowed to play at the Casino. Gambling may be illegal in the region of residence of the User. The user is responsible for compliance with the laws of the country in which he/she gambles. Citizens of the US and the UK are not allowed to register.

The User is not allowed to::Violate any applicable laws in the region of residence of the User. Register at the Casino, make payments and gamble, if the User has not attained the age of eighteen or any other age, as required by the law of region of residence of the User. Provide third parties with access to his account at the Casino and/or login and password. Use modified or third-party software for payments and gambling. Payments for deposit are accepted strictly by means of gambling sites of the Casino via secure connection. Use other person’s credit cards, as well as other person’s accounts of payment systems for making payments at the Casino. Violate terms and conditions of promotions and bonuses.

The User shall be obliged to:Provide the Casino only with truthful personal information.Bear full legal responsibility for non-compliance with the law of any region in which the User is provided with the Casino service. Read the Terms and Conditions of the Casino at least 1 time per month, as well as study all the changes made to the Terms and Conditions, as well as the rules of promotions and of bonuses.

The Casino is entitled to:Require scanned documents of the User for identity verification for making payments or receiving winnings, as well as require a video conference. Block the User’s account until the required documents are received. .Block the User’s account, if the Casino has suspicion of fraud, as well as of the fact that the User violates the applicable law and/or is a person who has not attained the age of majority.Close the User’s account, if there have been no transactions within 6 months. In this case all the funds will be withdrawn from the account. Change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. All changes are available on the gaming site of the Casino. Suspend or cancel promotions and bonuses at the sole discretion and without prior notice. Withdraw any winnings that were charged incorrectly due to technical problems from the User’s account to the amount of the last deposit in case of proven failures. Unilaterally disqualify the User, if he/she rejects or violates the Terms and Conditions or promotions of the Casino.

Limitation of liability:The Casino is not responsible for violation of any law by the User.The Casino is not responsible for any fraudulent actions of the User. We reserve the right to block the User’s account in case of suspicion of fraud, as well as to provide relevant authorities with a notification of this fraud. The Casino is not responsible for operations made in the User’s account, if the User provides third parties with access to the account.

Registration:When the User clicks “Pay”, it is considered that the payment is processed, and it is permanently executed. By agreeing to use the services of the Website, the User understands and agrees that processing of any payment of the User is made by a Provider of payment services, and the Website does not provide any ability to return already purchased or other possibilities to cancel the payment. The sender of the payment can use the chargeback procedure, if the payment was made by mistake, and credits earned to the Account as a result of the payment have not yet been spent. Chargeback is made by an issuing bank (in order to protect the rights of the Payer), the payment amount is withdrawn from the Recipient’s account (acquirer bank) and returned to the Payer, and then the obligation to prove the truth of the transaction is placed on the Recipient. The amount of this chargeback for the Recipient is fee + the amount of requested chargeback.

The provider of payment services is not responsible for the refusal/inability to process data related to a payment card of the User, as well as for refusal related to the non-receipt a permit for payment using the payment card of the User from an issuing bank. The provider of payment services is not responsible for quality, volume and price of any services offered to the User or purchased by the User on the Website.

The User agrees to pay for all services ordered by him on the Website, as well as all additional costs (if necessary), including without limitation all kinds of taxes, duties, etc. Paying for any services of the Website, the User is principally obliged to observe the rules of use of the Website. The User, as an owner of the payment card, is responsible for timely payment of any services ordered by him through the Website, and all additional costs/commission related to the payment. The provider of payment services is only a performer of the payment in the amount specified by the Website and is not responsible for any pricing, general prices and/or total amounts.

If the User uses services of the Website that offer specific services, such as gaming service, he/she provides a legally binding confirmation that he/she has attained or has exceeded the age of majority, which is legally permitted in the jurisdiction of the User for using the services provided by the Web site.

Registration:To register the User must complete the following fields: country, email, name and date of birth. These fields are required. The other fields can be completed optionally. A confirmation letter with a link for autologin will be sent to the specified email address. There is no email verification; the User is responsible for providing unreliable data. To make a payment the User is required to specify his name, last name and his credit card data. The User is required to specify his email, phone number, name, date of birth and other personal data in his gaming profile. Note! All User information is completely confidential. The Casino undertakes not to transfer personal data of the User to third parties.

Bonuses:If the User accepts bonuses, he/she must read the Casino Bonus Policy and comply with its terms. The Casino Bonus Policy is available in the corresponding section on the page “Bonus”. Now the following bonuses are available: 1) Deposit bonus. This bonus is charged, when a deposit is made in the amount of 100% of the deposit, when approved by the User (when “I want to get my deposit bonus” is checked). 2) CashBack bonus in the amount of 10% of each deposit. The User should contact the support for return of lost money after activation of the bonus. Winning payout:The User can make a request for payout of winning in his account on the gaming site of the Casino. Making a request for payout of winning the User should consider the following conditions: payouts are made, if the User’s balance is >0; payouts are made through systems, using which a deposit was made; the User can be provided with different options depending on the country of his residence;the minimum amount of payment depends on a method of payment; or making large sum payouts of winning the User identification is required, the administration will ask the User to provide documents proving his identity, and, if necessary, a video conference can be required;the Casino can refuse to pay out winnings, if there are proven facts of fraud by the User (in this case the account is blocked without payouts). Note! When the User orders payout, money is withdrawn from the balance immediately. BY REGISTERING ON THIS SITE THE USER CONFIRMS THAT HE/SHE CAREFULLY READ AND ACCEPTS ALL REGULATION OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


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