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New development from the StarGame company for broadcasting BINGO online Now it's even easier to play the famous BINGO  lottery! Your customers will appreciate an opportunity to comfortably access it online at a convenient time and with minimum investment. An exciting game with a good chance to get rich cannot leave you indifferent and will attract even more gamblers. A wonderful pastime is guaranteed!

The StarGame  company is pleased to present our new development - the StarGame Box using which you have the opportunity to conduct an exciting lottery in real time. This is a full-fledged alternative to a computer browser and it requires only an Internet connection. By purchasing the StarGame Box you can broadcast the lottery directly to a TV screen, monitor or projector. For even more convenience, the kit includes a remote control.

Attractive price of the kit (game + device)

Saving of Internet traffic compared to broadcasting from the browser

Smooth operation at low speeds

Easy management

Users also have an opportunity to watch the drawing in the browser - for additional convenience broadcast of the game is available on our website at Simple rules of legendary Bingo lottery attracts players all around the world. We offer one of the most popular versions of the game - "British Bingo" with 6 winning combinations. The winner is the one who completes the winning pattern first. It can be either one or two horizontal lines, two vertical lines at the sides, three vertical lines in the middle or four corner squares. The luckiest winner is the player who marks all the numbers - Bingo! He receives the maximum winning amount. In case if several players collect required combination at the same time, the prize is divided equally. In total, there are 90 numbered balls that participate in the game. Every few minutes the next drawing starts and the lottery box selects the balls one by one. At the same time players mark these numbers on the cards waiting for the winning combinations to appear. A bingo ticket is a ready-made card with a 5*3 grid, which can be purchased from the cashier. In total, there are already 15 random numbers of 1 to 90, so you don't need to waste your time filling the ticket. It's easy to play, you just need to understand simple rules and trust your Fortune! This is a real chance to become richer. A qualitatively new level of gambling with the StarGame Box gives an opportunity to earn more right now!


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