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New development from StarGame for broadcasting KENO onlineFavorite KENO game has become even more accessible! Delight your customers by online broadcasting of a popular digital lottery at a convenient time with maximum comfort and minimum costs. After all, it is Keno that every day brings players the pleasure of gambling excitement and high chances to make a winning bet!

The StarGame company has developed a device that allows you to conduct a popular lottery in real time. You do not even need a computer, only an internet connection is required! After all, the StarGameBox is a complete alternative to a computer with an installed browser. It is only necessary to purchase a StarGame Box kit by which the drawing can be broadcasted directly to a TV screen, monitor or projector, and it can be controlled by the remote. Simply connect the device to the screen and start the game.

Attractive price of the kit (game + device)

Saving of Internet traffic compared to broadcasting from the browser

No PC freezing due to low-speed connection

Easy management

You can also watch the drawing in the browser - for additional user’s convenience, the broadcast of the game is available at https://keno.stargame.bingoThe rules of the lottery itself are quite simple. In a ticket players indicate one to ten numbers out of 80 balls participating in the draw.. The numbers and their quantity are chosen by the player himself, which is a fundamental difference between KENO and bingo, where all the numbers are random. It is also possible to purchase a ticket with the desired quantity of random numbers from the cashier, which allows you to fully trust Lady Luck. When the real-time drawing is finished, the player compares the combination that dropped with his bet. If the player wins, he can find out the winning amount by multiplying his bet by the coefficient that is printed on each ticket and displayed on the screen before the draw starts. For example, the coefficient for 10 matches out of 10 selected balls is equal to 10,000. Even if only 2 balls are matching, the player receives a reward too. The more matches, the bigger winnings! Especially if you buy a ticket that is valid for more than one draw. The maximum number of draws per one ticket is 10.Order StarGame Box now and tomorrow you can earn even more!


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