"Bingo" is a numerical real-time lottery game that gives each player lots of winning combinations. The real-time stream of a game is available at https://bingo.stargame.casino

There is a number of Bingo variations. We offer our players one of the most popular - "The British bingo."90 numbered balls are played in a game. Each drawing lasts for a few minutes. After that, a drawing machine randomly outputs the balls, and players find and mark the winning numbers on their tickets.Ticket for the "Bingo" may be purchased from the cashier. Each ticket contains three rows and five columns. Therefore, there are 15 numbers in each ticket.

The goal of the game is to fill in the entire card or any of the winning combinations. In our variation of Bingo there are 6 winning combinations:

Bingo - all numbers matched

Two lines — all numbers in any two horizontal lines match.

Oneline - all numbers in any horizontal line match.

Full side - all numbers in both left and right vertical lines match.

Full house - all 9 inner numbers match.

Four corners - all 4 numbers in corners match.

Filling in the entire card gives maximum reward. If several players have the right combination at the same time, a prize is divided equally between them.


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