GREYHOUND RACING - STARGAMEDog racing are spectacular sports competitions between speedy hunting dogs, mostly greyhounds, which pursue a mechanical hare. The winner of the race is the dog whose nose first crosses the finish line. The game is available at

Modern greyhound racing is an incredibly adventurous sport that is admired by millions of people all around the world. It has not lost its relevance for thousands of years, during this time, a clear system of logical rules was invented. We offer a simple and clear, but fascinating scheme of competitions between eight dogs and with three types of bets, which will be convenient for both cautious beginners and risky professionals, expecting respectively much larger gains.

The interval between the races is a few minutes. During this time on the screen players will see a table of coefficients for each of bet types and, having made a decision, will be able to purchase tickets, informing the cashier of the bet type and the number of dogs. The ticket will also indicate the amount that the player will receive if the bet wins.

We offer the following betting scheme:

  1. Winner (Win). The bet on the first place wins if the selected dog finishes first.
  2. Place. This bet wins if the selected dog finishes either first or second.
  3. Perfecta. The bet wins if two selected dogs take the first two places in the selected order. This type of bet will provide the highest payout compared to others.


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